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16 September 2012 @ 01:21 pm
Hummelberry Manifesto  
A last minute challenge entry for slushieverse

My favourite thing about Glee is Hummelberry. Hummelberry makes me happy all the time and they also make me cry lots of times. Rachel creys are the most heartbreaking creys in all of Glee and no one else can comfort her like Kurt can.

I love all of their duets, especially when they sing Wicked songs and break into the Gershwin theatre and sing one of my favourite Wicked songs For Good on the Wicked stage.

I didn't like Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy very much when I first heard it but since then it has grown on me and it's now one of my favourite Hummelberry duets. My favourite performance of Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy is the one from the 3D Glee live concert.

Don't Cry For Me Argentina is my least favourite Hummelberry duet and I don't know why.

I like it when they have sleepovers with Mercedes and watch Twilight and eat popcorn in their pyjamas.

I also love Hummelberry in real life because Lea Michele Sarfati and Christopher Paul "Chris" Colfer are adorbs together. I'm currently obsessed with this Fox promo video where they shoot eachother's faces.

My favourite thing about season four is Hummelberry in New York.

Words: 207 = 20 points
Graphics: 3 @ 5 points each = 15 points
Recs: 4 @ 0.5 points each = 2 points
Feeling: rushedrushed