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06 August 2012 @ 12:32 pm
Team Cherry FTW  

Join slushieverse, an interactive challenge community for Glee in which you will earn gold stars as a team in hopes of being on the winning side of the Great Slushie Wars! There are two teams, Team Cherry and Team Grape. Apply here and tell the Slushie Whip that misskitty373 sent you!

~QUESTION: Has LJ taken away the last.fm scrobble connection thing when posting entries? Anyone know if there a way to get it back again? :/
Listening To: Danny Elfman - Alice's Theme
~*Star*~: Glee: Blaine Kurt - In Bedstar55 on August 6th, 2012 08:56 am (UTC)
Yeah, I noticed that few months ago that the last.fm scrobble had disappeared. No idea how to get it back, sadly. =(
danni ϟ my patronus is a meerkatmisskitty373 on August 6th, 2012 10:37 am (UTC)
Oh well... -_-

Meanwhile I haven't been getting emails for some LJ notifications lately, or they end up being super delayed for like days later.
~*Star*~star55 on August 6th, 2012 10:47 am (UTC)
Ugh, you poor thing!! I hate when LJ doesn't want to give me my notifications - I miss out on so much!