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07 January 2012 @ 12:26 pm
Gleeverse Sigtags  

gleeverse awards from samelthecamel

From sinfulsparkle

Team Troubletones Sigtags from watchpoint and signe_chan

Team Spamtana Sigtags from the_windowbird

Team Spamtana Sigtags from odd_one_around

Team New Directions Sigtags from butterflys_fics

From castiels for the gleeverse Secret Santa gift exchange

From samelthecamel

From watchpoint

From rorylareina

From eyeteemonkey

From undrheavenskies

From appleautumn and gleehoney

From haruechan and ravewoman

From ohleeveeah and star55

From juliahearts and holiday_reading

From r0naldweasley and neonhope


From the_windowbird and tsukihane

From odd_one_around and n_nanini

From sweetiepebbles and basilxhallward

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